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34 weeks

posted Aug 27, 2013, 4:07 PM by Theresa S
6 weeks until baby's projected arrival date, and we are anxiously anticipating her arrival. I have been going back and forth between hoping she comes close to her due date so I can get everything tied up at work, and hoping she comes early so I can avoid having to tie up everything at work. :-) Her kicks have turned into more of a feeling of limbs dragging around and trying to stretch out in an ever tighter space. 

My wonderful sister threw me a beautiful baby shower two weekends ago. It was so great to catch up with family and friends and eat delicious food together.

Nursery preparations are coming along well. Some people have been asking what Baby's room looks like, so I thought I'd include a few shots here:

Next week I'll have another ultrasound to check out baby's growth, and after that it'll be midwife appointments every week!