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Full Term!

posted Sep 18, 2013, 12:22 PM by Theresa S
September has been a month of joys and concerns in baby news. We kicked off the month with a fantastic co-ed luau shower in DC hosted by the lovely Necia and Carolyn. It was wonderful that so many of our friends were able to come and enjoy some delicious food and drink with us, and play pin the sperm on the egg.
On September 5, I had an ultrasound and a visit with a rather dramatic nurse practitioner, where I was told that the baby was already measuring 7 pounds 7 ounces at 36 weeks and that she wanted me to talk to an OB about possibly scheduling a C-section. Of course, this was the last thing I wanted to hear, after planning an intervention-free birth. On September 11th, I met with an OB, who warned us about the heightened risk of shoulder dystocia occurring during labor with large babies, and gave us his recommendation that we schedule a C-section. Gabe and I have been educating ourselves about shoulder dystocia (when the head is delivered and the baby's shoulders get stuck) and do not feel that it is a good enough reason to schedule a C-section--which carries it's own risks. Shoulder dystocia occurs in about 2% of all births and there are various steps that medical staff can take to help deliver the baby if it occurs. We have another ultrasound to check her size and a visit with our midwife to discuss it again tomorrow. Hopefully her growth has slowed down and my nerves will be eased. The last two visits have not been great for my confidence in being able to deliver her!
This Friday I will be 38 weeks--Baby can go ahead and get here as soon as she wants! The waiting is the worst, but unfortunately its out of anyone's hands but Mother Nature. :-)