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Going Public

posted May 2, 2013, 8:38 PM by Theresa S
On April 4th, we enjoyed sharing our news with our co-workers, friends, extended family, and everyone else on Facebook. Since then, I've gotten to answer the same few questions quite a few times:

1) I'm feeling good, thanks!

2) I had a little morning sickness in the first trimester, mostly just queasiness when I was hungry and some food aversions. Things were particularly unpleasant when I had the stomach bug and the morning sickness together, but I stopped feeling queasy around the beginning of the second trimester. I haven't had any unusual cravings. The weirdest symptom is having a very itchy back. Gabe bought me a back scratcher on Facebook to save his nails. :-)

3) The baby is due on October 4th.

4) Yes, we plan to find out the sex. We are hoping to find out on May 21 at our anatomy scan.